Turf Slab

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are the prices listed per square metre?

Yes, all our turf is sold per square metre, ensuring you are receiving a superior product for a competitive price.

+ How soon can I have my turf delivered?

We require two days notice for all turf deliveries; with deliveries made Tuesday through to Saturday.

+ What is the delivery fee?

There is a $99 delivery fee for all Perth Metro areas. If you are unsure if you fall within this catchment please call 08 9303 2627

+ Will the turf be delivered on a pallet?

Our turf is cut and placed on CHEP pallets which means at the point of delivery our drivers will push the turf off our pallets leaving you with the turf and no pallet.

+ Can I pick up my turf?

Unfortunately we do not allow for general public pick ups from our depot. You can however, have your turf delivered to a Soils Ain't Soils store (Cannington, Forrestfield, Balcatta or Malaga) free of charge. Please call us should you need any further information

+ How much water does my new lawn need?

The Watercorp has provided a watering guide for newly established lawns. Please visit https://www.watercorporation.com.au/save-water/watering-days/exemptions to apply for your watering exemption as well as information on how much water is allowed for new establishing lawns.

+ Once the new lawn exemption is over how much water does my lawn need?

As per the Watercorp watering days your lawn can be watered twice a week (30mm) The time will vary between 10 minutes to an hour depending on the pressure of your water.

+ When is the best time to water?

It is best to water before 9am before evaporation and wind factors set in.

+ When is the best time to apply fertiliser?

The best time to fertilise your lawn is at the beginning of Winter and Summer giving your lawn a generous dose of fertiliser. It is also preferable at the beginning of Autumn and Spring with a light application. Remember to water in well as fertiliser can burn your lawn if not watered in correctly.

+ How long do I need to stay off my new lawn?

If laying a new lawn in warmer weather, we recommend keeping all foot traffic to a minimum for approximately four weeks, or until the turf is fully established. This can be checked by gently lifting the turf by a corner to test how easily it will lift. You should not be able to lift established turf. If you are laying your turf in late autumn or winter, we recommend staying off the turf as long as possible. During winter, turf takes longer to establish.

+ What are our office hours?

Our office hours are; Monday to Thursday 8am - 4:30pm, Friday 8am - 4pm

+ Can I visit the turf farm?

The turf on our farm is unfortunately not open for public inspection. While our farms are not open to the public, we have a small display of turf at our office located in Lexia, alternatively Soils Ain't Soils also have displays.

+ Can I install my turf in winter?

Yes you can install turf during winter. Although it will take longer to establish. Your turf will not require as much water during winter which is a bonus.

+ Does Superior Lawns install new turf?

Unfortunately, we do not install the turf ourselves. We however, have a list of recommended landscapers who may be able to assist; please call 08 9303 2627 or email sales@superiorlawns.com.au and we would be happy to provide you with a local landscaper. Alternatively you can install the lawn yourself. We have included videos for your reference.

+ Why does my new lawn have dry patches in it?

There are a number of issues that need to be addressed if your lawn is going off in summer. They can occur individually, or as an interrelation between two or more of them. The reasons have been listed in order of priority.

  1. Reticulation
  2. Hydrophobic soils
  3. Fertlising & Mowing
  4. Beetles (pests) and funguses
  5. Soil Compaction

For more information on dry patches please email your query to sales@superiorlawns.com.au and we will be able to email you a fact sheet providing more information.

+ What weed killer can be used on Velvetene?

We recommend you first try the salt solution (1kg pool salt diluted in 5lt water) – if this doesn’t help anything that is compatible for Buffalo lawns will be fine to use on Velvetene. DO NOT use salt solution on any other variety of lawn – it will kill it!