Founded in 1973, Superior Lawns is one of the most respected lawn production and distribution firms in Australia.

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All our selected lawn varieties are grown on rich Dandaragan loams, a perfect natural medium for growing superior lawns.  We care for the condition of our local environment on farm as it provides us with our quality product and it is in our interest to keep it healthy and sustainable into the future.

Ongoing landcare management techniques are practiced everyday by our enthusiastic and conscientious team of professionals that take care in every step of the production cycle - from the first green shoots right through to delivery to your door.

Why Choose Superior Lawns?

Action shot taken on the farm in Regans Ford

Action shot taken on the farm in Regans Ford

Superior Lawns Australia is very conscious of the important economic and environmental factors which affect the decision making process when selecting turf as a ground cover. As a result we have researched varieties around the globe to ensure we are at the forefront of technical advances in turf grass culture to meet with these expectations.

Australia has the richest and most diversified range of natural eco turf type grasses in the world.
— We have been told by leading researches around the world


With the important environmental factors point of mind, we have endeavoured to provide a range of turf grasses that not only meet with these important benchmarks but are distinguished by a point of difference between the varieties we grow, through colour, texture and performance, increasingly important in any aesthetically appealing and competitive landscape. Superior Lawns Australia (formally Turf Farms WA) have been producing and supplying turf grasses for over 30 years and with such knowledge and experience we understand your needs and expectations.

Talk to us about your needs and what you expect for your next turf project and give us the opportunity to demonstrate that point of difference to make yours a Superior Lawn.