With spring on the way here are a few lawn tips to get your lawn looking it's best


Hard to believe that winter is almost over here in Perth but the team at Superior Lawns in Perth have an extra pep in our step as we know this is the time that our lawns really shine! If you are looking at ways to get your lawn looking it’s best here are a few steps for Spring lawn care.

Tune up that Lawn Mower

Winter is a great time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour but we do need to give our lawn mowers some TLC before the peak growing season. A bit of maintenance on your mower including things like changing fuel, oil and spark plugs will get you in good stead for spring. Sharp blades are always a must when you get back into your mowing schedule. do it yourself or get your local mower shop to give your mower the once over; your lawn will love you for it!

Time to get serious about weeds!

Winter time always brings the dreaded weeds too. Most single weed types can be easily pulled out by hand (the best time to do this is before they seed), but if you have more weeds than you have time to pull each one out by hand there are herbicides which you can use to help eradicate the weeds. Be sure to read the packaging as we would hate for you to use the wrong product and kill your lawn at the same time!

Aerating your lawn

One of the best things you can do for your lawn this spring is aerate your lawn. What does aeration do exactly? It is recommended to aerate your lawn as it decreases thatching as well as compaction. Once the lawn has been aerated it helps increase the amount of air, water and nutrients which go straight to the roots, strengthening them and helping to create a healthier lawn. We recommend aerating your lawn at least annually especially in high traffic areas as this will stop your soil from becoming hydrophobic. You can aerate by simply using a garden fork or if your area is too large or you want to give it the best aeration possible you can always employ a lawn contractor who can use the big guns to complete the job.

Fertilise (only lightly)

The start of spring is the perfect time to apply a light fertiliser to your lawn to give it a kick start into summer. It is important though to ensure that all the weeds have been removed otherwise you end up feeding the pesky weeds too! Not to mention, overfeeding your lawn at this time of year may not help with the overall result you are after as the weather is not warm enough for your lawn to perform at its best. Once you have completed a light fertilise we sit back and wait for the warmer days and nights to work their magic and get that lawn growing. Once this takes place you can get a few mows in and assess where your lawn is in terms of weeds and growth and apply fertiliser accordingly. Less is more at this time of year.


As spring approaches the Winter sprinkler ban is removed but this doesn’t mean your lawn instantly needs to return to its twice a week watering schedule. It simply means if your lawn needs it you can start to water. This time of hear is great to train your lawn in being less dependent on being watered so often ultimately making it become a more drought tolerant lawn. So water when you need to, if its looking dry apply the water it needs remember a minimalist approach to watering will lead to healthier lawn, with stronger and more importantly deeper roots able to withstand the heat of Perth summers.

So there you have it, five simple steps to preparing your Perth lawn for spring and summer. Now to bring on the warm weather, later sunsets and that feeling in the air that good times are a coming.

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The team at Superior Lawns are excited to reintroduce our online ordering system. We had paused our online orders to make sure we have the right processes in place to service all our lovely Perth Lawn fanatics and we are happy to say we are back and ready to take your orders.

So what do you need to do? If you are located in the Perth metro area (or even the wider Perth area) jump onto our online shop and select the lawn variety which best tickles your fancy. Then you can easily add in the total number of square metres required, add in all your details and as easy as that your lawn will be delivered to you within 2 working days (just remembering that our delivery days are Tuesday to Saturday.)

If your not too sure which lawn variety best suits your needs all you need to do is ring our friendly team on 9303 2627 and they will be able to give you all the details you need to make an educated purchase then either order your lawn there and then or have a few more days to think about it and jump online to place your order.

If your looking for the best lawn in Perth look no further. All our superior lawns have been grown under stringent guidelines; the team at Superior Lawns are proud to have achieved full AusGAP accreditation. Your lawn will be delivered on time, guaranteed weed free and looking a million bucks ready for you to enjoy.

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How to keep your Perth lawn looking good this winter

Perth Roll on lawn

It’s sad to see the sunny days behind us but we are pretty spoilt with winters in Perth. Let’s talk about lawn care in Perth and the best ways to prepare your lawn for the onslaught of our winter (albeit mild). Remeber to keep in mind - a summer body is made in winter, this is much like lawn care too.

As you have probably already noticed, your lawn hasn’t been growing as quickly as it may have been a few months ago but it still does need some TLC in order for it to be able to keep the winter weeds at bay and thrive come spring time.

Step One - Limit water

Being in Perth, we currently have a winter switch off for all sprinklers (bore’s are exempt) so make sure you have turned your retic off to avoid any fines from the Water Corp. You can still hand water when your lawn really needs a drink… a tell tale sign is when the leaves curl up. Also for any new lawn installations it is important that you apply for a water exemption (in both summer and winter). This can be done online on the Water Corporation website.

Step Two - Service Your Lawn Mower

Winter is a great time to get things serviced as your lawn mower will be getting a bit of break as most lawn varieties go into winter dormancy. Leaving your lawn to grow that bit longer in winter will encourage the process of photosynthesis which keeps your lawn looking healthy enough to squeeze out any winter weeds which seem to pop up over night!

Step 3 - Avoid Compaction

Soil compaction can over over winter especially in high traffic areas. The best thing to do is try and aerate the high traffic areas, especially after heavy rain which we have had in Perth over the last few weeks. Especially in the areas where water is pooling or getting water logged. Aerating helps air to the root zone giving your lawn the ability to breath and not be suffocated by heavy compacted soil.

Step 4 - Weed Control

Weeds; every lawn lovers pet hate! Make sure you spray or hand remove the weeds during winter especially Bindii as if it seeds it will return again next year and be an even bigger problem! Broadleaf weeds, Bindii and clover can be controlled using Bin-die Selective Weeder or Lawn Solutions Australia All Purpose Weed Control. Weeds such as Winter Grass will need to have a specialised product such as Winter Grass Killer. It is important to check any type of weed killers are compatible with your lawn type.

Fingers crossed this winter is a short one in Perth; bring on Spring, the warm weather and perfect turf growing conditions.

It's true, TifTuf stays green all year round!

TifTuf Winter colour.jpg

Want lawn that stays green all year round and doesn’t yellow off in winter? Look no further than TifTuf. Yes, TifTuf is a couch… but it is like no other couch variety Australia has seen before.

TifTuf is a warm season lawn variety, however unlike other warm season lawn varieties it continues to be active throughout winter which means it holds its colour for much longer than other varieties and has fantastic spring green up qualities. This combined with its water wise drought tolerant nature and durability it makes it the perfect lawn for Perth.

So how does TifTuf stay green for longer? TifTuf produces greater amounts of gibberellic acid. What’s that? Gibberellic acid assists in the stimulation of photosynthesis. This is what helps with winter colour retention giving the lawn a greater ability to absorb sunlight (the process of photosynthesis). Fun fact; TifTuf needs 50% less sunlight than other Bermuda varieties!

So with 20+ years of research and development TifTuf has proven to be the perfect lawn variety for Perth’s conditions in particular through summer with its reduced watering needs but also in winter too. Trials in America over 2013/14 recorded that over 90% of the TifTuf tested survived temperatures of minus twenty one degrees Celsius far outperforming that of other varieties such as TifWay and Celebration.

TifTuf is an all rounder and exactly what Perth needs with water restrictions, but it has also proven itself as a standout in Winter too. Give the office a call today to find out more.

Thinking about landscaping? Add Lawn to your list and here's why.

So straight off the bat; yes the team here at Superior Lawns are pro the real stuff but once you read about all the benefits of real lawn we hope that we might have been able to get you to jump on the bandwagon too.


Yes, you need to water it and yes you will need to mow your lawn and every now and then fertilise and apply a soil wetter but it’s not really that much of a chore… just think when you were younger maybe brushing your teeth seemed like the world’s most annoying task but as you grow up it just becomes something you do without thinking twice and that’s where we need your head to go with real grass. It’s not a hard task once you get into a routine you may even start to love it!

So lawn, yep the soft, cool stuff we walk on probably everyday and don’t even notice it, (but it’s definitely there) is providing us with so much. Here’s ten reasons why we think you should choose real lawn…

  1. Real lawn helps to maintain a balanced ecosystem so check… environmental benefits.

  2. Lawn absorbs heat and breaks up radiant energy, reducing glare and have a cooling effect (perfect in Perth’s summers when the last thing you want is additional heat!)

  3. Lawn actually acts as a natural fire break as it reduces the risk of fires spreading. (We don’t need to say more about this one except… make sure your lawn is neat and tidy natural fire break sorted!)

  4. Here’s a good one (triple threat) lawn reduces carbon dioxide emissions, generates oxygen and absorbs noise. check. check. check.

  5. Research has proven that green space (and we mean the real living green space) offers significant and sustained improvements in mental health.

  6. Lawn actually traps dust particles between its leaves which is then washed into the soil.

  7. Heard of soil erosion? Well lawn is an effective, cheap and durable form of soil erosion control!

  8. Through lawns natural cushioning effect lawn actually reduces the incidents of injury. (natural soft fall for your kids!)

  9. Did you know that rain water filtered by lawn is 10 times less acidic than run off hard surfaces? Lawn actually helps improve water quality!

  10. If your thinking about selling, consider real lawn. Did you know that lawn can increase the value of your property by up to $75,000!!

So with so many added benefits to lawn, the time and effort required to mow, water and apply fertiliser and soil wetter isn’t all that much. We didn’t even mention the fact that a lush green lawn just looks the bee’s knees! Give the office a call today to find out what lawn varieties we have, we have options to suit all your needs and guess what… you wan’t break an arm or a leg buying it.

TifTuf in Perth? Yep, it's perfect for Perth and here's why.

TifTuf being harvested, Superior Lawns Perth, WA

TifTuf being harvested, Superior Lawns Perth, WA

Haven’t heard of TifTuf before? Or you have but don’t know too much about it? TifTuf is the newest lawn variety to enter the Western Australian turf market and it is amazing. Yes, we may be a little bit biased but once you hear all about the benefits of TifTuf you too will be converted.

Let’s start back at the beginning; TifTuf was hand selected from over 30,000 hybrid couch varieties. It has undergone over 25 years of research and development and as part of the larger Lawn Solutions Australia group Superior Lawns in Perth is pleased to exclusively sell TifTuf Bermuda to Perth and Western Australia.

During the years of research and development it was proven that TifTuf uses approximately 38% less water than other turf varieties which makes it extremely waterwise. We know what you are thinking…. less water it won’t stay green. That’s where TifTuf is truly the lawn of the future. TifTuf stays green all year round and even the reduced watering will keep it green - if you water too much it could be detrimental to the look and feel of your lawn so if you haven’t got the greenest thumb, don’t worry… TifTuf is tough! Not only does TifTuf use less water it also requires less fertiliser too. Perfect! We are all so busy already TifTuf doesn’t add to your load.

TifTuf is winter active which means it will stay green all year round, some other lawns tend to yellow off a bit during winter but not our TifTuf, have the lawn that is the envy of the street all year round not just in Summer. TifTuf can also handle shadey areas, research is still being conducted but in America (the University of Georgia to be exact) studies have come back saying TifTuf can still maintain it’s colour and thickness in 70% shade.

What’s not to love about TifTuf? It is heat and drought tolerant but can also grow in colder temperatures too. Grows well in full sun or part shade, doesn’t need too much water or fertiliser. Just mow it and go! So if your in two minds about what lawn variety to choose add TifTuf to the mix, it’s perfect for our Perth climate, will save you money in the long run with the reduced watering and fertilising and best of all you still get all the added benefits that a regular lawn provides just a bit ‘tuf’er’.

Give the office a call today to find out more, you won’t be disappointed.

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Best Practice for Autumn Lawn Care in Perth

Perth Roll On lawn Suppliers

Hard to believe it’s Autumn already… and in Perth Autumn doesn’t really start to kick in until April or even May, but it’s never too early to start the Autumn lawn prep. Have you heard of the 6 ‘p’s’ before? Perfect Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance? Well think of Autumn like this and you will have no problems with your lawn in Winter. Give your lawn some love, help it recover from the wear and tear of summer and prepare it for the colder winter months.

Time to Fertilise

Fertilising in March or April will help to encourage strong root development not to mention assist in winter colour and the overall health of your lawn. The best fertiliser to use is a good slow-release NPK fertiliser you can buy from places like Bunnings or garden care centres. These NPK fertilisers contains optimum levels of Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K) plus essential minerals and trace elements, to provide nutrients to maintain a healthy lawn.

Apply a Pre-Emergent

What is a pre-emergent I hear you ask? Well a pre-emergent has a herbicide component which will kill any annual weeds (wait for it) before they appear! It is important to note that if the weeds have already started to germinate then it won’t kill the ones already up but it will stop any more from germinating. So get onto it now before those annual annual weeds like winter grass start to pop up! If you need a bit more information on pre-emergents the team at Lawn Solutions have a great article worth the read.

Check for Lawn Grubs or Beetles

Check for lawn grubs that are active late in Summer into Autumn. These can cause a lot of damage. Treat them immediately to minimise damage. If necessary, fertilise afterward to help the lawn repair itself before winter. It is important to check for lawn grubs, but don’t be too quick to treat your lawn if you only have a handful of bugs sometimes applying chemicals to your lawn can cause more damage than a handful of beetles which might actually be helping your lawn through their natural aeration.

Is Your Soil Compacted?

Soil compaction and hydrophobic soil can occur quite commonly and is a major cause of dry patches or dead areas of lawn. When the soil becomes compacted, the roots aren’t able to breathe, and the lawn will thin out and eventually die. Use a pitch fork or strap-on aerator sandals to aerate the soil. For clay soils, apply some lime and gypsum as well. It’s also a good idea to add a soil wetter to your lawn. (Soil wetter especially in Western Australia helps retain the water in your soil - your lawn will love you for it and in return you will have lush green lawn which is the envy of the neighbours!)

So there you have it, Autumn lawn care in a nutshell. You won’t need to mow your lawn as much (which for some is a plus) as the lawn won’t be growing as rapidly as it may have in summer, but its always important not to let your grass grow too long as its really only a good idea to take off 1/3 of the leaf each mow as scalping your lawn in Autumn, especially late Autumn will mean your lawn won’t be able to recover over Winter leaving you with a lawn which isn’t looking too good.

For more information or to place an order please call our office; 9303 2627 or email sales@superiorlawns.com.au once you've bought a Superior Lawn your stuck with us for life so if you ever run into trouble with your lawn we are always here to help.

The Old Council Verge Debate; Lawn is the Way to go. Hands Down.

A perfect lawn in Perth

A perfect lawn in Perth

Perth Councils of late have been putting out a lot of information out regarding the council verge. Do’s and don’ts as to what can go there and how it should be maintained. Well here at Superior Lawns in Perth we may be a little biased but lawn is definitely the way to go. We have a number of drought and heat tolerant lawns which are low maintenance and won’t leave you out the front weeding for hours! Think lawn is hard to maintain? Follow these simple steps and you will have a lush green lawn that will fight away the weeds and add that finishing touch to your home. Don’t be fooled that lawn isn’t a good option and please please don’t think that artificial lawn is the way to go for ‘no’ maintenance…. we see those weeds growing around the edges!!

Managing Compaction on Council Verges in Perth

If your council verge strip endures a lot of foot traffic be it walkers, runners, cars or even the postie it can lead to compaction of the soil underneath. A tell tale sign of compaction are bare patches of hard dirt either side of the footpath or for those without a footpath this can occur on the main traffic area. The soil compacts so much that the lawn can no longer grow any more and you are left with the bare patches which lets me honest arent the most attractive. So what do you do? Aerating your lawn will help with compaction, being the council verge you could simply use a pitch fork to make holes in the soil (or get those shoes from Bunnings… you know the one's I am talking about!) this will help oxygen and nutrients enter the soil and give your lawn a chance to grow. Apply some soil wetter (a definite must especially for residents living in Perth and Western Australia. See our blog about Soil Wetters for more information on the benefits.)

Make sure the area is free from leaves and other matter.

It is important to make sure that your lawn and the council verge strip is left free of debris. This includes leaves, twigs, rubbish and if you live in some areas around Perth some extra special gifts left behind from dog walkers! It is important especially as the weather cools down that your lawn is receiving sufficient sunlight to ensure that photosynthesis can occur and give your lawn the best chance to grow and look a million bucks… and who really wants all of that on their front verge anyway!

Mowing your lawn regularly is a must!

It is important to ensure that you mow your lawn regularly. Although this may be tedious for some a quick zip around the verge is much easier than getting on all fours and weeding (or at least I think so!) Mowing regularly (but not too low… remember on 1/3 of the leaf at any given time). will mean you have a reduced risk of compaction as well as encouraging lateral growth which means a thicker more lush looking lawn.

What about edging?

You will need to edge if you want that pristine finished look. A quick whipper snipper around the foot path and driveway will do the job and might even encourage people to stick to the path rather than walk all over the lawn. You can also use an edger which will give you a more finished look adding to the aesthetics of your home… and if your in the market to sell they do say that a well manicured lawn can add big bucks at sale time!

Other than that, ensuring your reticulation is working and you are watering on your scheduled watering days, an application of fetiliser every season change and some soil wetter and you are done. It’s as easy as that! Lawns add so much more than just a look to your home, don’t forget that cooling effect, also that an average sized lawn produces more oxygen that a single tree alone and research has proven a strong link between mental health and lawn.

If you need any more help in getting your lawn to grow give our office a call or email and we would be more than happy to help. OR if this article has twisted your arm and you would like to purchase some superior lawn we are here to help! We can deliver Tuesday to Saturday. We look forward to hearing from you!


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How to Keep Your Lawn Looking Good in the Peak of Perth's Summer

Perth Roll on Lawn Supplier - tips for Summer

So far, Perth’s summer has been pretty mild but we all know what that means - late January and February are set to be scorchers. The team at Superior Lawns in Perth have a few tips and tricks to keeping your lawn looking lush in the heat of summer.

When to water your lawn in Perth?

It is best to water your lawn in the mornings (at the crack of down some people might say) It is important that its not too late in the morning as your lawn won’t get the most out of its water. Ensure that your reticulation is working correctly and that your water coverage is even (We have catch cups available at our office on Gnangara Rd). Times will vary between sprinkler types and water pressure so don’t be scared to run your sprinklers for 30 minutes as the total output may still only be 10mL which is what the Water Corp recommend. Watering for longer but less frequently will encourage the roots to go deeper and create more of a drought tolerant lawn; helping save our precious water and giving your lawn the best chance to stay green throughout Summer.

Does Aerating My Lawn Help in Perth’s Summer?

It most definitely does. The baking hot sun will cause the soil to compact and in some cases it may also cause the soil to become hydrophobic which means your lawns roots won’t be getting the water it needs to thrive in summer. If your soil is compacted it would be recommended to aerate your lawn. This can be done by simply using a pitch fork or for larger lawns you can hire aerators/corers.

When should I mow my lawn?

It is best to mow your lawn earlier in the day when the temperature is not at its peak or in the late afternoon. This will help to avoid leaf stress on your lawn from the sun. Not that dew is an issue in Summer but it best to mow when there is no dew. Dew can cause your mower to rip or tear the grass which can lead to possible disease and or fungal issues.

If you can, mow your lawn on a higher setting to help keep the moisture in. The longer leaf will help shade the soil assisting in minimal evaporating and compacting the soil. If you cut your lawn too short in summer it can stop your lawn from having health root and leaf growth as it is not producing enough energy.

Can I do repair work on my lawn in Summer?

It is not recommended to undertake any major lawn care maintenance in the peak of summer. It can cause stress on the lawn meaning it won’t recover.

What lawn types are best suited to Perth’s harsh summers?

Lucky for you, the team at Superior LAwns in perth have done all the hard work for you. TifTuf, Sir Walter and Velvetene are three perfect lawn varieties for Perth’s hot summers. All unique in their own right, Superior lawns have a lawn that will suit every budget and need. Selecting a drought tolerant lawn will be half the battle and will let you enjoy your lush green lawn all year round.

So where to now? Feel free to give the Perth team a call on 9303 2627. We are always ready to take your call and discuss your options. We only need two day’s notice for all orders and can have your lawn delivered to your doorstep Tuesday to Saturday. Let us supply you with the best roll on lawn available in Perth.

From All of Us at Superior Lawns...


Where did 2018 go? What a year the team at Superior Lawns have had, with a number of large public open spaces around Perth supplied with our premium roll on lawn, over 3,500 happy customers receiving their superior lawn and over 350,000 square metres of lawn purchased. Not to mention the introduction of TifTuf to the Perth market in 2018

It’s not too late to purchase your lawn from us. Our Christmas and New Years trading hours are attached with our last deliveries taking place on Saturday 22nd December.

From all the team at Superior Lawns Australia we would like to thank you for you for choosing to purchase a superior lawn. Don’t forget we are always here to help with your lawn care, advice or tips and tricks to maintain that lush green lawn.

Stay tuned for a bigger and better 2019.

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